Friday, January 6, 2012

Flannel Friday! Polar Bear!

For my first flannel friday presentation, I chose: 
Bear Play / by Miela Ford.

My idea source for this flannel presentation was taken from:
Stories: 2's experience / by Liz & Dick Wilmes.  Illustrations by Janet McDonnell.


For my polar bear, I use a felt collage flannel technique. 

Starting with a paper pattern of the polar bear from the Wilmes book, I cut one black felt bear.  Using the same paper pattern and white felt, I cut a slightly smaller white bear.  To create the details on his legs, arms, and face, I use my scissors to cut out the black pattern lines.   His arm, inside leg, tail, and inside ear will be detatched from the rest of his body.  For his eye, I cut and reblacken the paper eye from the pattern.  

For the balls, I used a circle pattern and felt scraps.  I cut out single flannel balls for the storytime children to put on the flannel board.

My polar bear's name is Mr. Jack.  Mr. Jack is ready to play! What color ball will he play with today? 

This was my rhyme:     THAT BALL
                                   THIS BALL
                                   WHICH ONE WILL I GET?
                                    (slapping hands on knees)

This is Mr. Jack starring in his First Flannel Friday!