Flannel This~CLA '12

Flannel This! Puppet That!
presented by Kari Ann St.Jean and Jane Breen
at the 2012 Connecticut Library Association

Flannel This !
Watch my Felt Collage Technique
presentation video now:

This was created to support my presentation at
 the Connecticut Library Association in Mystic, CT
May 8, 2012

Special Thanks to Judy Sierra 

Dinosaur pattern can be found at Mel's Desk.  Thanks!


  1. I saw your presentation at the CLA meeting and it was absolutely wonderful. I have my packet of felt that you so generously provided out now and plan to get started soon. I came here hoping to find the name of the book you recommended and am happy to see your "Resources" section. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge; I'm sure the children in my library will be grateful too!

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely comments. When I started making my own figures, I set a goal to make just one a month. I started slow and easy. At the end of the year I had "12+" sets!!! You will fall in love with your pieces. Have fun.