Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flannel Friday! Time for Cake!

It's someone's Birthday!  Let's Bake a Cake!

Let's make a cake!
What do we need?
sugar! flour! eggs! butter, lots of butter!
vanilla! kisses!
Put it in the oven!
Set the timer!
Now we wait and practice our patience!
I smell something deeee - licious
It's Ready!
Let's count the candles!
Let's light the candles
Now we sing Happy Birthday!

here is the back view

here are the candles unlit

Happy Birthday!

I start out with a shoe box. Using a birthday cake pattern. I cut out a cake from a cardboard cereal box.  Using FELT COLLAGE techniques, I cut peach, white and pink felt to decorate the cake.  Two clothespins are hot glued to the back of the cake.  I decorate the cake simply with daisy buttons. 
For the candles, I use clothespins and decorate each one with leftover cardstock paper and also blue wire ribbon.  I trim the silver wire ribbon edges to use as wicks for the candles.  
My candles flames are double sided.  The front is made from tacky felt (stiff felt) and the back is left over white interfacing.  I hot glue the two flames pieces together leaving one side open. 
Everything is stored in the box.
When Presenting this cake activity, I use a GIANT whisk to "stir" the ingredients the children tell me to add to the cake.
I close the box and I bake it under my chair, as we do a music activity.
Then, we check the cake! I take the cake out of the "oven", remove the lid, pull it out of the box, and then we count out the candles. Light the Candles!  
And, .......Magic! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Flannel Friday!

Guess who's coming to the party?

He brought a yellow present box!

Look at all the other presents!
What color are the boxes?

We can play hide behind the box!

Have fun everyone!

For my present boxes, I cut each from felt and glued each felt piece to cardboard cut from cereal boxes.  I hot glued velcro and cut a pretty ribbon from fancy paper.  I will hide a mouse, or 2 or 3 and use this rhyme with the boxes:

Did you bring the pink box, pink box, pink box?
Did you bring the pink box, little mouse? 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flannel Friday! Valentines!

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I love Valentines Day
Do You!

Presented today are my matching valentines.  I have made matching hearts out of felt.  These hearts are backed with cereal box cardboard and then with magnets. 

I can hide a mouse behind the heart for a find the mouse activity. 

I can also put one set of hearts and have children find their matching heart. 

For toddlers, I will place three stuffed animals on the floor and have the children pick a heart to give to their favorite storytime friend.  My storytime friends are: Alexander (Teddy Bear), Maisy mouse, Owl (who is always sleeping), Bunny, and Love (little pink cat).

Flannel Friday! Iceberg! Penguins!

Iceberg! Penguins!

I love using the penguin theme for my winter storytimes!  I live for those special 2 year old moments when the eyes of the child and their parents meet the magic of the felt board.  This activity helps to foster those connections.  It also helps teach young children to wait their turn, follow directions, and listen for their name to be called.

Each penguin is made of white felt layered on black felt.  Orange felt for feet and beak and black hole punches for their eyes.   
I made 15 + black and white penguins to frolick on the ice.  By making 15+, each child attending my storytime will get the opportunity to place a penguin on the felt board! 

Here is the URL for the penguin pattern I used :

Thanks Danielle!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Flannel Friday! Polar Bear!

For my first flannel friday presentation, I chose: 
Bear Play / by Miela Ford.

My idea source for this flannel presentation was taken from:
Stories: 2's experience / by Liz & Dick Wilmes.  Illustrations by Janet McDonnell.


For my polar bear, I use a felt collage flannel technique. 

Starting with a paper pattern of the polar bear from the Wilmes book, I cut one black felt bear.  Using the same paper pattern and white felt, I cut a slightly smaller white bear.  To create the details on his legs, arms, and face, I use my scissors to cut out the black pattern lines.   His arm, inside leg, tail, and inside ear will be detatched from the rest of his body.  For his eye, I cut and reblacken the paper eye from the pattern.  

For the balls, I used a circle pattern and felt scraps.  I cut out single flannel balls for the storytime children to put on the flannel board.

My polar bear's name is Mr. Jack.  Mr. Jack is ready to play! What color ball will he play with today? 

This was my rhyme:     THAT BALL
                                   THIS BALL
                                   WHICH ONE WILL I GET?
                                    (slapping hands on knees)

This is Mr. Jack starring in his First Flannel Friday!