Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flannel Friday! Time for Cake!

It's someone's Birthday!  Let's Bake a Cake!

Let's make a cake!
What do we need?
sugar! flour! eggs! butter, lots of butter!
vanilla! kisses!
Put it in the oven!
Set the timer!
Now we wait and practice our patience!
I smell something deeee - licious
It's Ready!
Let's count the candles!
Let's light the candles
Now we sing Happy Birthday!

here is the back view

here are the candles unlit

Happy Birthday!

I start out with a shoe box. Using a birthday cake pattern. I cut out a cake from a cardboard cereal box.  Using FELT COLLAGE techniques, I cut peach, white and pink felt to decorate the cake.  Two clothespins are hot glued to the back of the cake.  I decorate the cake simply with daisy buttons. 
For the candles, I use clothespins and decorate each one with leftover cardstock paper and also blue wire ribbon.  I trim the silver wire ribbon edges to use as wicks for the candles.  
My candles flames are double sided.  The front is made from tacky felt (stiff felt) and the back is left over white interfacing.  I hot glue the two flames pieces together leaving one side open. 
Everything is stored in the box.
When Presenting this cake activity, I use a GIANT whisk to "stir" the ingredients the children tell me to add to the cake.
I close the box and I bake it under my chair, as we do a music activity.
Then, we check the cake! I take the cake out of the "oven", remove the lid, pull it out of the box, and then we count out the candles. Light the Candles!  
And, .......Magic!