Friday, March 23, 2012

Flannel Friday! An elephant goes like this.....And that.....


This week my storytime theme is ELEPHANTS!
What a marvelous theme.  I made 14 felt elephants, inspired by Flannel Friday and . . .
 Ami Rubinger's - I dream of an elephant. 

elephant blue!

elephant yellow!
elephant red!

elephant green!

elephant brown!

elephant pink!

elephant purple!

elephant grey!

elephant white!

elephant black!

elephant orange!

These are my 3 understudies, just in case!

All together!

For my babies & two year old storytimes, we also read these:

For my 4's and 5's, we read these exciting books:

perfectly delicious as they set off to find the end of the world

dramatic, challenging, and riveting

simply the best, for our final story!