Friday, April 13, 2012

Flannel Friday! The Carrot!


Today I am sharing a classic story
that I made using felt collage over 14 years ago!!!

A true testament to my love for felt,
the pieces have held up very well. 

I love this story and I tell it often.
The pattern and story outline is from :

Mother Goose's Playhouse: Toddler Tales and Nursery Rhymes, with Patterns for Puppets and Feltboards /  by Judy Sierra.




Here is my version:

The Carrot, adapted & retold  by Kari Ann

Once upon a time, there was a Bunny Rabbit.

 Bunny was SOOOOO excited because HE was invited to A PARTY! Not a little party, but a BIG PARTY.  And he needed to bring A DISH.  Not a little dish, but a BIG DISH!  So he decided to make one of his Favorite Recipes!  But he needed his most favorite and most treasured ingredient to make it the BEST, What do you think he needed? (ask audience)

You guessed it  --  CARROTS!  Bunny LOVES CARROTS.

So he went out into the garden to look for a CARROT, for his BIG DISH!
And, when he got to the carrot patch, guess what he found?
You guessed it -- A carrot leaf, sticking out of the ground.
But it wasn't a little carrot leaf, it was a BIG ENORMOUS CARROT LEAF!

WOW - Bunny knew this carrot would be PERFECT for his BIG DISH.

So, He grabbed on to the Leaf, and he PULLED, and he PULLED, and he PULLED!!! (kids pull)

But the carrot WOULDN'T come out,  IT WAS STUCK!!!
WOW, this carrot must be huge!

Uh-oh, I'm never gonna make my BIG DISH now, I NEED HELP!

Well, Bunny's friend SQUIRREL was watching from the nearest tree.

  Squirrel could tell that her friend needed help.  So she called out: BUNNY what's going on, do you need HELP?

Bunny said:  YUP, I need this carrot for the BIG PARTY, see I'M MAKING A BIG DISH,  I can't get it out! IT'S STUCK.

Squirrel said she could help.

So Squirrel held on to BUNNY, and BUNNY held on to the CARROT LEAF, and together they PULLED, and they PULLED, and they PULLED!!! 

But the carrot STILL WOULDN'T come out,  IT WAS STUCK!!!
This carrot must be enormous!


Now, TURTLE was watching from way on the other side of the carrot patch, and he called out :  BUNNY !  SQUIRREL ! do you guys need HELP?

Squirrel said : Yup, Bunny's going to a SUPER DUPER BIG PARTY and he needs to make a SUPER DUPER BIG DISH, he wants this here carrot, but IT'S STUCK.

Turtle said he would help.

So Turtle held on to the SQUIRREL,  and Squirrel held on to BUNNY, and BUNNY held onto the CARROT LEAF, and together they PULLED, and they PULLED, and they PULLED!!! 

But the carrot STILL WOULDN'T come out,  IT WAS REALLY REALLY STUCK!!!
This carrot must be bigger than enormous (ask what's bigger than enormous?) GIGANTIC!

And uh-oh, Bunny started to get STRESSED.
Bunny started to CRY. 

Now, Snail, just happened to be taking a leisurely stroll, when she came upon this situation.

Snail said: BUNNY why are you crying?

Turtle answered: BUNNY is going to THEE BIGGEST PARTY, he wants to bring THE biggest CARROT DISH, but this carrot won't come out, IT'S TOO BIG, TOO HUGE, IT'S STUCK! We've been pulling and pulling but it's no use. 

Snail said: Well maybe I CAN HELP.  I bet I could pull pretty good.  

BUNNY, SQUIRREL, and TURTLE looked at snail like she was the craziest thing in the world.

YOU? But SNAIL, how can YOU help?
YOU are so SMALL, and you are SO SLOW,


Snail, straightened herself up and said as strong and as clear as she could:
 I  ....   CAN ....   help.  I can PULL Bigger than the MOON -   give ME a CHANCE. 
one tiny CHANCE.  please?

And so, with that, snail held on to TURTLE, and TURTLE held on to SQUIRREL,  and SQUIRREL held on to BUNNY, and BUNNY held on to the CARROT LEAF, and together they PULLED, and they PULLED, and they PULLED!!!

 And then they PULLED ONCE MORE AND ..................

You got it --- the BIGGEST CARROT CAME OUT!

Bunny was so happy and thankful and blessed to have such good friends.  He thanked them for helping and then they all lifted SNAIL up onto their shoulders and marched into BUNNY'S KITCHEN where they all HELPED cook up the most DEEELICIOUS, AMAZING, SCRUMPTIOUS CARROT DISH YOU HAVE ever tasted in the entire world!    


And do you know that BUNNY's DISH
was BIGGER than the MOON !

and that's the end!!

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