Friday, April 27, 2012

Flannel Friday ! Up you get !


Today I have a Box story for you based on the book
Clip-Clop! by Nicola Smee!

Mr. Horse is ready take a trip!
Who wants to come!

Cat wants to come !
Up you get, cat !

Dog wants to come !
Up you get, dog !

Pig wants to come !
Up you get, pig !

Wait, Duck wants to come !
Up you get, duck !

Now everybody hold on !!!!

Here we go !!!!

Up Up Up !!!

Up to the TOP !!!


Down to the ground !!!

Whoa !! That was fun !!

Let's do it AGAIN !!!

Mr. Horse and friends are holding on with the help of small clothespins and hot glue.  Faces are made from black contact paper and cat's whiskers and pig's tail are light blue embroidery thread with a little hair spray for stiffness. 

Everybody held their breath, when, on the AGAIN part, Mr. Horse, cat, dog, pig and duck turned UPSIDE DOWN !!!

fun   fun  fun


  1. What a great story I haven't heard of this one. What do you use to cover your box?

    1. Hi! I used blue sky stationery paper that I have had for a long time. You could use any paper, contact paper, or even paint. The grass is stiff felt cut and hot glued on. The opposite side of the box has a blue ocean wave made of Christmas ribbon - I use for my 5 fishes song. Also, I used rubber cement and a few hot glue spots to secure the paper. Thank you for your wonderful comments! (try to avoid using wrapping paper - the shine will cause a glare)

  2. Get out of town! This is an AWESOME box story - so inspiring! Thanks for sharing - you did an amazing job bringing it to life! :)

  3. Inspiring! Could you explain your process making the animals? They look great.

  4. Hello! My animals were cut from felt using the felt collage technique. I used black stiffened felt for their backs. I hot glued small clothespins (from Michaels) to their backs. My Big horse has big clothespins hot glued to his back. He clips on to the box, and his friends clip on to him and then to each other. The animal features are cut from black sticky paper. Thank you for commenting. I promise to post something new soon!