Friday, July 6, 2012

Flannel Friday! 1 2 3 Dinosaur Roar


Welcome Back to Summer Storytime !!

Dinosaurs are roaming all over West Hartford! 
Here are my dinosaurs for Flannel Friday.  I made these for CLA and they have been waiting for their debut!

For my two year old storytime we read these books:

We marched to Laurie Berkner's We are the Dinosaurs!

These are the rhymes I used:

For my 3 year old storytime, these are the titles I wanted to share:

This one was my favorite:

This one was kinda SCARY, so I skipped it:

These two were great !!

Thanks for looking!

You will find the dinosaur pattern at Mel's Desk !!  Thanks Mel

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  1. So good to see you back posting! We are in a bit of a dinosaur mode at preschool and I haven't seen some of these titles so I'll look them up. Why is sammy and a Bucketful of Dinosaurs in the US in Australia it is Harry...?